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Speed VPN Fast

Speed VPN Fast
Category: VPN
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Speed VPN Fast - the presented program works only on mobile devices with current Android systems. It helps users to create a reliable protection of their personal information when they are on the global web. The utility creates a special connection to a private network of a virtual nature to protect all data and timely bypass all blocking elements of sites.

Application operation and server selection

When creating a virtual network, you can easily find a VPN connection with further connection. To remain anonymous, the program changes the address (IP) of the user. After that, all information will be sent only in encrypted format. This method allows you to avoid any leakage of personal information and protect you from the actions of fraudsters. The program is also designed to bypass the blocking of some sites, which for some reasons are prohibited in the territory of the user's residence. The utility can be used when connecting to a Wi-fi network, which can be shared. If desired, you can connect to any server. An important factor on the connection speed is affected by the time delay. For the normal functioning of the program, the above indicators should wash the minimum values. You can connect to any foreign server. This applies to most countries of the European and Asian part of the planet. In addition, you can use servers of American origin. If the connection is successful, you can study the statistical information of the connection to the server. It will tell about the amount of encrypted information that the user sent to the Internet.

Difference of the utility from similar analogs

The program has the following distinctive features:
  • Distributed to users completely free of charge;
  • Protects personal information when the device is connected to any Wi-fi network;
  • You can access a blocked site if you want;
  • There are no time restrictions for VPN connection;
  • No need to register;
  • Choice of any server for connection;
  • It is possible to view statistics during the connection of the network;
  • You can work on all modern mobile versions of Android.
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