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Novis Clean

Novis Clean
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 102


Novis Clean is an application for Android platform that allows you to effectively optimize system performance and free up storage space. You can free up RAM, extend battery life, protect apps and more.


The program allows you to automatically find all secondary files and delete them to free up space. The cache, installation files, empty folders and so on are checked. In the process of work such data inevitably accumulate, slowing down the system and reducing free space. At the same time, the system's standard tools do not allow you to eliminate the problems effectively. After the check, a detailed report is displayed, and it is possible to view the size of individual files. At the same time, the user can cancel the deletion by simply unchecking the checkbox next to the file. The next tab allows you to block annoying notifications from various applications and games. You can collect them on one page without cluttering the notification panel.


To free up hardware resources, the program can unload background processes and optimize RAM. A separate function allows you to find applications running in the background and put them into sleep mode. Often in this mode, applications whose functionality is not needed, but resources are consumed. Game Boost technology is integrated, which provides increased performance in mobile games. This increases stability and eliminates various failures. A full list of the presented functions is available in the help section. All modules are described, recommendations for effective use are given. There is an opportunity to contact the developers. Step-by-step instructions are provided.


  • A set of tools for optimizing the work of the mobile device;
  • function for clearing alerts;
  • application blocking;
  • free download.

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