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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Chocolife is a free Android program that will be useful for residents of Kazakhstan. Inside the utility there is a regularly updated catalog with various certificates and coupons. With their help, users can get discounts on a variety of services and goods, including food, entertainment and tourism.

Creating a profile

The mobile utility requires registration before gaining access to the catalog of profitable offers. To create a personal account, one simply needs to provide and then confirm a personal email address. Then a person will be able to find discounts valid in different retail chains. It should be noted that the content available in the program is suitable only for stores operating in Kazakhstan.

Discount Collection

All the offers available in the free utility are divided into thematic groups, which simplifies the search for coupons and certificates. Among the available sections are: goods, entertainment, health, tourism, sports, services, beauty, food and so on. The user can go to any category and explore the list of favorable offers. In addition, it is allowed to search for promotions through the search bar. In the parameters you can give the program access to geolocation, which will allow it to determine the locality of the user. After that, the software will display only those promotions that can be used in the place where the user lives. Initially, when the program is first turned on, it displays offers for the city of Almaty. If a person lives in this locality, he/she can leave geolocation off. The user is allowed to add retailers and specific types of services or products to the list of favorites. It is also possible to purchase goods through the application, using payment via bank card or online wallet.


  • Free program with a collection of current promotions;
  • Ability to search for offers by name;
  • Support for new versions of mobile OC;
  • The utility can be used only in Kazakhstan;
  • Multilingual text of the interface;
  • Allowed to buy different products.
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