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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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This software was developed by the official certification center of Kazakhstan. Its main purpose is to fill in and process the issuance of registration certificates. NCALayer is an original product, which was created to modernize the provision of services by the certification center. With its help, each user can independently use the services of the official center. The creators guarantee the maximum degree of protection of transmitted data, as well as complete security of work.


After you install this software on your desktop, you will be able to create an application for the issuance of a registration certificate. Only individuals who are citizens of Kazakhstan can use this service online. Before submitting applications, you will have to obtain a unique private key of electronic digital signature. This signature will be issued to you if you submit all the required documents. You can find out about the full package on the official website, it is worth noting that all papers can be sent electronically using a scanner. In addition, the original manual for this application can be found on the official website. The interface is extremely simple, installation does not require active participation of the user. The application is regularly updated, among the latest innovations can be noted, the function of digital certificate management.

Software requirements

For this application to function properly, you need to install special Java libraries. It is also mandatory to have a browser, the application supports all the most common search engines. The program works correctly on almost any version of Windows. In the near future it is expected to release applications for other operating systems, as well as for portable devices.


To the main features can be attributed that the program is designed to issue all sorts of digital signatures and registration certificates. The application has a pleasant interface, and also works correctly on all versions of operating systems from Microsoft. It was developed by the official center of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is distributed free of charge. The requirements for your software are minimal. With the help of NCALayer you can become one of the participants of public procurement.

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