WowBox AR

WowBox AR
Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 120


WowBox AR is an Android application that uses augmented reality technology to "animate" illustrations of fairy tales. You can listen to audiobooks and interact with characters. Video recording and selfies are supported.


To work with the application, you need to separately purchase a special interactive book. Next, you need to launch the program and point the camera at the cover for recognition. Then in the interface of the program will display the available functions. With the help of augmented reality technology, you can track the actions of characters in the process of advancing the plot. The possibility of interacting with the main characters is provided. The utility uses a simple and clear interface, in the process of work, hints are shown, which allows you to navigate through the available tools. Standard gestures are supported. This allows you to use the program even for children on their own.

Photo and video

The application allows you to create photos and videos with characters from popular fairy tales. The resulting content can be saved on your phone or sent to friends via messenger or social network page. Standard extensions are used, so the files can be opened in any player or image viewer. In the menu you can find detailed instructions on how to work with the program. All features and supported books are listed. Recommendations for optimal setup and minimum requirements for the hardware of the device are provided.


  • augmented reality technology is used;
  • you need a special interactive book to work;
  • you can interact with the characters;
  • video recording function;
  • content can be saved to your device;
  • free download.

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