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Repair System

Repair System
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 112


Repair System is an Android application that contains a set of tools for system optimization. You can reduce power consumption, delete unnecessary files, configure programs to run in the background, and more.


After launching the program, a menu with the main modules is displayed. The following items are available:
  • antivirus;
  • game acceleration;
  • memory cleaning;
  • file deletion;
  • processor cooling and a number of others.
When opened, the program automatically scans the system to generate a report with the main parameters. It is available in the Information tab - the main units of the device are described. It is possible to manually test one of the modules of the smartphone. The state of memory and processor is analyzed. The program allows you to reduce the load by forcibly disabling background processes. Effectively searches for unnecessary files - outdated installation packages, advertising modules, empty directories, temporary files and so on. After cleaning, a brief report on the work done is shown, including the size of the freed space on the drive.


A full-fledged antivirus is integrated, which detects modern threats of various types. The function works in a standard way - the file system is scanned and a report is provided when malicious or potentially dangerous code is detected. The name, file path and threat level are displayed. Next, the user needs to confirm the deletion, there is an option to select only certain files. The program also allows you to restrict access to certain programs with a password. It can be used to block utilities with personal information - messengers, email clients and so on.


  • the program contains tools to optimize system performance;
  • built-in antivirus;
  • password protection for applications;
  • closing background processes;
  • free download.

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