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Girly Wallpaper

Girly Wallpaper
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 81


The application is a collection of unique and interesting wallpapers that are installed on the desktop of the smartphone, which are ideal for girls. Present in the utility and wallpapers with inscriptions.

Wallpaper for smartphone

Girly Wallpaper-wallpaper for the desktop of a smartphone running Android, which presents a huge selection of thematic, interesting wallpapers for any mobile device. The main feature of the utility is the profile of the collected images, in particular, it contains those pictures that most girls like. It can be abstract patterns and sad or funny pictures, motivational picture with or without inscription, other interesting wallpapers. Each selected picture is used in HD format and oriented to the vertical on the desktop location.

A lot of options

A unique feature of the utility is that the developers have collected more than a hundred variants of wallpapers in one theme. And at the same time, each does not have to download separately, because the utility does not use additional traffic. All variants of wallpaper are already installed within the application and you can even without mobile Internet to install this or that picture on your desktop. Each selected picture can be enlarged or split into frames by installing only the selected area. The utility practically does not "eat" the battery charge, and will not reduce the battery life of your smartphone. And it is worth noting that the base itself is constantly updated by the developers of the application.


  • The utility can be downloaded and used for free by the client;
  • Gives open access to high-quality drawings and wallpapers on the desktop;
  • The collection contains interesting pictures for girls;
  • There is no need to connect to the Internet;
  • The interface is simple and convenient;
  • All screensavers are presented in the utility in high quality;
  • There are more than 100 images in the utility;
  • Relevant in working with every version of Android;
  • Motivational images are also present.

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