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Pickplay Player

Pickplay Player
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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Pickplay Player is a player capable of playing audio files. The utility also allows you to download music content from a web resource VKontakte into the memory of an Android device. Some options are blocked in the free version.


The main purpose of the program is to play music. The mobile utility independently finds suitable content in the internal storage of the smartphone or tablet. Then a person gets the opportunity to listen to the detected songs. In the program, an option to systematize songs is available. With the help of this function, the user is able to sort audio files by the following criteria: album, genre orientation and artist. The utility analyzes the metadata of each audio file, which allows the systematization of songs. The user is allowed to control the playback of tracks. For example, it is possible to pause the song, rewind to a particular moment and so on. In addition, the built-in player supports random playback mode. If the user activates this option, the player will start to include songs in random order.

Downloading songs

The functionality of the utility allows you to download songs posted on the social network called VKontakte. To use this tool, the user needs to log in to his account from the previously specified platform. It should be noted that at the moment the download of audio compositions did not work. This is due to one of the updates of the VKontakte service. Perhaps in the future, the creators will restore the work of this function.


  • Free player, compatible with many versions of OC;
  • The utility automatically detects tracks in the memory of the gadget;
  • The presence of an option responsible for the arbitrary inclusion of songs;
  • Premium users can customize the color design of the interface;
  • Downloading songs from the VKontakte platform does not work at the moment.
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