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Shapical X

Shapical X
Category: Photograph
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Shapical X is a multifunctional editor that allows you to work with images. The utility combines an extensive set of tools and an intuitive interface. There is a Russian-language translation of the text. It is possible to distort objects in pictures, cut out unnecessary elements, draw with brushes and much more.

Working with pictures

Through the mobile editor, you can make changes to any images. To do this, a person just needs to select the desired picture from the memory of the tablet or phone. Then the software will open a tab with an advanced editor. With the help of the program, a person can cut out unnecessary objects, apply a variety of filters, paint with customizable brushes and so on. Also, the mobile editor gives the opportunity to adjust the saturation of hues, brightness, contrast and other parameters of the image. Thanks to the utility's functionality, you can fill any objects in the picture. Among the available fill options are:
  • Gradient;
  • Specific color;
  • Neon;
  • Noise;
  • Mirror;
  • Gradient X.
After finishing editing the picture, the user can save it in the memory of his device.


In the free version, the user does not have access to some tools. The creators of the utility have added the ability to purchase functions individually. Such tools include:
  • Color brushes;
  • Saving the picture in high quality;
  • Gradient X fill;
  • Extra Cell Set;
  • SOON mode;
  • Distortion tools.
You can buy all the paid tools at once if you wish.


  • Advanced editor for working with graphic content;
  • Some tools are sold in the built-in store;
  • There is a Russian-language version of the interface;
  • Correct functioning on modern versions of mobile OC;
  • The ability to cut out picture elements is present;
  • Free download and use of basic tools;
  • Allows you to adjust image parameters, including brightness and saturation.
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