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Colorful Instrument Simulator

Colorful Instrument Simulator
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Colorful Instrument Simulator is an educational utility, through which children are able to get acquainted with different instruments in a playful way. The program is not translated into Russian. Among the available instruments are: guitar, piano, drums and so on. There is a set of tests. The program displays a large number of advertisements.

Program interface

After turning on the mobile utility, the user will find in front of him several items. Among them:
  • Learning to play the piano;
  • Playing the piano;
  • Quizzes.
As you can see, the first two items are reserved for the virtual piano. However, a person can switch to another musical instrument. Among the instruments available in the mobile program are:
  • Drums;
  • Piano;
  • Guitar;
  • Harpsichord;
  • Wind Instrument.
A person is allowed to click on any option and start playing the selected instrument.

Utility features

After opening any virtual instrument, the user will be able to play an arbitrary melody on it. For example, if you open the piano, then in front of the person will appear multicolored keys. Above them will display various animals. Among them: a cow, a dog, a duck, a cat, a donkey, a sheep and so on. If you press on the icon with an animal, the user will hear a characteristic sound. Specific songs can be taught through the app. Among the songs available for the piano are:
  • Little Star;
  • Jingle Bells;
  • Happy Birthday.
In the quiz tab, the child can learn to recognize the sounds of guitar, drums and other instruments. It works as follows: images with instruments appear on the display, then the utility turns on the melody, and the user needs to click on the correct picture.


  • Ability to learn playing different instruments, including guitar and piano;
  • There is a simple English-language interface;
  • There is intrusive advertising;
  • Correct operation on many versions of the operating system;
  • Free download and further application;
  • Quizzes are available to identify the sounds of various instruments.
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