Category: Recording
System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 133


VidLab is an Android app for creating videos from a set of photos. You can customize transitions and use filters from the built-in set. It uses a simple interface that even users with no experience can understand. All current file formats are supported.


A large number of animated filters are built into the application - snow, falling leaves, lightning and others. For basic customization, the drag-and-drop mode is used - you need to select the desired set of photos and arrange them on the workspace in the desired order. Transitions and effects are added in the same way. At the processing stage, you can crop the photo to get a square format, which is better suited for Instagram Instagram the panel with additional tools allows you to rotate the picture or reflect vertically. There are more than 30 animated filters in the catalog. It is worth bearing in mind that only 8 of them are added during the installation process. The rest must be downloaded separately, all content is available for free.


The program can be used as an alternative to the regular camera utility. In this case, the user gets much more possibilities. In particular, you can add the desired filters, and the final result is displayed at once, which allows you to choose the desired mode. The use of the front and main camera is supported. After you finish shooting, the clip is automatically saved to the default folder. You can open the file in any player. You can immediately publish the clip in a social network. In the help section you can find a list of all the main interface elements and features of the program with a brief description. There is a selection of recommendations for working in different modes.


  • creating a video from several photos;
  • large selection of animated effects;
  • cropping and rotating images;
  • free download.

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