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Power VPN

Power VPN
Category: VPN
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 114


Power VPN is an Android application for working through a virtual private network. It allows you to increase anonymity and bypass regional blocking. Security is also improved by implementing additional data encryption. Anonymity works both ways. The provider has no way to track which sites the user visits, and for the final resource all requests also come from an intermediate node. Such servers can be located in different countries, which allows you to change the IP and location. A simple enough interface is used. When working in automatic mode, you can activate VPN without additional configuration.


In light of recent events, platforms of this type are popular. There are quite a few services on the web that are blocked for various reasons. These can be large news resources, social networks, messengers, torrent trackers and so on. After activating the VPN, such a site becomes available without restriction. You can register, write messages, upload files. Encryption provides additional protection, which is relevant when working through public access points. The use of modern infrastructure and technologies allows you to ensure minimal signal delay during operation. A special algorithm monitors the parameters and uses the optimal node for connection. Access speed, signal delay and a number of other parameters are taken into account. At the same time, personal information is not stored on an external server, which also increases the reliability of the platform. A detailed instruction on how to work with the service is built in. The optimal settings, technology description, areas of use and general recommendations are listed.


  • anonymous access to the network;
  • blocking bypass;
  • data is securely encrypted;
  • servers are located in different countries
  • user data is not stored on an external server;
  • free download.

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