Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 129


GuruShots is an Android client of the service, which is a community of photographers. You can view the work of other users, publish your own shots and participate in large-scale contests.


The platform works on the principle of a classic social network. You can rate, comment on photos, subscribe to other users, and so on. There is a common feed of published content.


The resource periodically holds contests on various topics. Both professional and amateur photographers can participate. There are no additional requirements for equipment, you can use an ordinary smartphone. Various prizes are provided for the winners. The app allows users to improve their skills and build up an audience. With the help of votes, you can determine which photos are more liked by other people. A separate tab accumulates all the necessary statistics, which allows you to choose the best way to develop your account. You can track the most popular content, earn points and increase the rating. There is a recommendation system that automatically selects suitable content based on its own algorithm. You can manually specify your preferences or go to the necessary section of the catalog. Its own virtual currency is used. Coins are added when evaluating the photos of other users. All the features of its use can be found in the help section. Beginning users are recommended to study the rules of the system in detail. It is worth considering that there are certain restrictions for published content, communication rules and so on. In case of disputable situations, you can contact the support service.


  • the ability to publish your own photos and rate the work of other users;
  • you can leave comments;
  • contests with prizes;
  • own virtual currency is used;
  • free download.

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