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TLS Tunnel

TLS Tunnel
Category: VPN
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 137


TLS Tunnel is an Android application for connecting a mobile device to a VPN network. All traffic passes through an intermediate server, which provides a number of advantages, including bypassing blocking. Traffic is encrypted using the TLS protocol. The application allows generating a unique IP for the user's device. This option can be disabled in the settings if necessary. All connections are saved in the log, which allows you to check the data through the program interface. A large number of settings are provided. This allows experienced users to customize the network configuration for current tasks. If necessary, the mode of operation can be quickly adjusted. It is also possible to automatically select the optimal settings. This option will be useful for novice users. The system will analyze the peculiarities of the network and select the optimal mode of operation. After the program is installed, a unique identifier is generated, which is used to create a new connection. It is possible to upload this code together with the settings to a file. This allows you to quickly restore the parameters if necessary - just import the necessary file. The technologies and infrastructure used provide the maximum available access speed, signal delay is minimal. This ensures comfortable work with websites, including watching videos and downloading files. Additional encryption allows you to use the application to access public networks without fear of hacking. A help section is provided,


  • provides reliable blocking bypass;
  • Export function of settings;
  • large number of parameters;
  • free download.

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