Category: Entertainment
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 97


Stagelight is an Android app that allows you to create mixes, beats and songs with vocals. It supports the use of MIDI keyboard and synthesizer to get the original content. Once completed, the project can be saved to your device as a standard audio file.


The utility can be used by users with different levels of knowledge in this area. A large number of functions are available for creating complex compositions, there is a selection of virtual instruments and effects. Each element has its own settings, which allows you to expand their capabilities. Sound effects are placed on a separate panel. It is possible to mix them with each other to get a unique sound. A convenient workspace with a timeline is used, gestures can be used for control. There are quite a lot of functions, but they are divided into convenient categories.


A separate section is completely dedicated to learning. The user can learn the basics of creating their own music. There are examples with step-by-step descriptions. For convenience, the training is divided into genres - rock, rap, dubstep and so on. The next section is an instruction on working with the program. Interface elements, available functions and modes of operation are fully considered. The material is also structured and allows you to learn all the subtleties of work and non-obvious options. While working on a project, you can listen to the current version of the composition. Then you can continue editing or save the file to a local folder. There is a function to undo the last actions to return to an arbitrary stage. A separate online store with a selection of different sound effects is built in. This allows you to make the track more professional.


  • the program allows you to create and edit music files;
  • built-in lessons for beginners;
  • catalog of effects and additional content;
  • detailed instructions on how to work with the application;
  • virtual instruments;
  • free download.

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