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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Boxcryptor is an Android app for securely encrypting files before sending them to cloud storage. All popular platforms are supported, including Yandex Disk and OneDrive. The platform is compatible with all services that use the WebDAV standard. Files of any type can be encrypted - photos, documents, archives, videos and so on.

Working principle

During its operation, the program uses the AES-256 algorithm for encryption, which meets all modern standards. The process of encoding and decoding data is performed on the device. The process is optimized and does not load the system. The password used is not saved on an external server, it is stored directly on the device. This increases reliability, but if the password is lost, the data cannot be recovered. This should be taken into account when saving the password. At the stage of preparing files for sending to cloud storage, they are encrypted. When uploading, the reverse operation is performed. This ensures that the owners of the external server or intruders will not be able to open the data, even if they gain access to them.


There is a paid package oriented to corporate clients. A special master key is provided to decrypt all company files. Other options are also available, including user list administration. A full list of all additional options can be found in the help section. If you encounter any difficulties in the payment process, you can contact the support team. A detailed instruction on how to work with the program is also provided. All the advantages, customization features and limitations are described.


  • Encryption of files before sending them to the cloud;
  • all operations are performed on a mobile device;
  • the key is stored on the local device;
  • AES-256 algorithm is used;
  • free download.

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