Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
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MikroTik is an Android utility that allows you to check information about Wi-Fi routers, as well as customize their operation. The software interface is fully translated into Russian. You can use the utility if you have a RouterOS-based device.

Start using

Access to the capabilities of the mobile program appears only if the user has a router running RouterOS. Working with other routers is not supported by the utility. If a person has suitable equipment, he should turn on the mobile program and establish communication with the router. The latter happens automatically if the portable device is connected to the right network.


The software provides the person with detailed data about the equipment to which the connection was made. Among the information displayed by the program are:
  • Internet address;
  • Router model;
  • Continuous operation time;
  • CPU load;
  • Operating system version;
  • Memory size.
In addition, the mobile utility shows information about the network speed. Such information is displayed in the form of a visual graph.

Changing parameters

The utility allows you to change the parameters of the equipment operation. It is worth noting that the user should not make adjustments to the router if he does not understand it well. Among the available parameters there are:
  • MPLS configuration;
  • Operation of a common network of several routers;
  • VPN connection setup;
  • Security settings;
  • PPP protocol settings and many more.
After changing the settings, it will be left to the person to save the changes. If he or she does not, the hardware settings will revert to the original settings.


  • Free utility for RouterOS-based equipment owners;
  • Russian-language interface text;
  • Compatibility with new versions of Android;
  • Ability to make changes to the router's operation.

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