Happy Mama

Happy Mama
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Happy Mama is a mobile version of an online platform designed for pregnant girls, mothers, and women planning to have children. There is a thematic forum, diary, electronic calendar and much more. All the content of the program is available in Russian.

Profile creation

Some of the content of the online service is available without registration. Nevertheless, creating an account will open the possibility to communicate with other users, keep a diary and so on. When creating a personal profile, you can use Mail.ru and VKontakte accounts.

Social functions

The mobile utility has a forum where women can discuss issues related to pregnancy, child rearing, health and much more. Communication between the participants of the platform occurs through a common feed. In it, any authorized user can leave his own question or comment on someone else's publication. In addition, the service has a chat system. This allows you to discuss various issues in private correspondence.

Additional features

You can use this program to keep a personal diary. It is suitable for keeping track of your condition during pregnancy. You can also use the diary built into the application to save important moments of your child's growing up. The developers have implemented a special calendar in the application. With its help, a woman is able to determine the approximate time at which the baby will be born. The program is equipped with a selection of special tests. Their passage allows you to check your knowledge of baby care, proper nutrition and so on.


  • Free utility, compatible with new versions of OC;
  • Part of the functionality is opened after creating a profile;
  • Availability of a forum dedicated to parenting, pregnancy and more;
  • Electronic calendar is available;
  • There is a system of private chats.

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