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Endercraft School for MCPE

Endercraft School for MCPE
Category: Download managers
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Endercraft School for MCPE is an Android app that is a collection of additional content for Minecraft. You can download new locations and skins. The description notes that the project is independent and has no relation to Mojang.


The application allows you to quickly install in the game unique textures for objects and maps. At the same time, a large number of new characters are added. The installation process is implemented quite conveniently, there is a detailed instruction and a set of hints. After opening the program on the start page displays a full list of available content. For navigation, you can use the panel with headings or a search form. It should be taken into account that some files can be obtained only after subscribing. It is recommended to study the terms and payment methods beforehand. In the menu, a section is available that contains the cost, available payment methods and other information. To install the mod, you must first download the original client of the game to the device. After confirmation, a file that has the MCPACK extension is downloaded to the device. It must be opened and integrated into the game. The application provides step-by-step instructions for installation. Everything is described in sufficient detail, there are screenshots and additional comments.

Online game

A separate section of the menu allows you to switch to the server search mode with multiplayer game. A convenient step-by-step mode with hints is used, which makes the work much easier. It is possible to generate a link to a certain extension, which will allow you to send it to your friends. It is worth considering that all content, including menus, hints and instructions, is available only in English.


  • a selection of various add-ons for the game;
  • search for servers for online play;
  • the game must be installed separately;
  • interface in English;
  • free download.
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