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Category: Players
System: Android 3.9
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 101


RealPlayer is a mobile player capable of playing music tracks and videos. You can also open pictures through the utility. The program is primarily designed for weak Android devices running older versions of the operating system. There is an option to organize files by different criteria.

Main features

With the help of this player, the user is able to watch videos with the extension MP4. It is also possible to listen to songs in different formats, including OGG, MP3 and APE. In addition, the software supports working with content published on a platform called YouTube a person is allowed to manually create playlists. Also through the mobile utility it is possible to organize content by album, genre, artist, title and other criteria. Going to the appropriate section of the player, a person will be able to view the available images in the memory. When viewing pictures, it is allowed to zoom in and out. The player built into the mobile application is equipped with all the basic functions. Thanks to this, a person can rewind the content to a particular moment, stop playback, go to the next file and so on. Among other things, the player supports the adjustment of sound parameters. Especially for this purpose, the player has an equalizer.


In addition to the previously mentioned features, the software is equipped with an option to set any audio file as a ringtone. Due to this function, a person can quickly change the ringtone to a favorite song.


  • Free player for older versions of Android;
  • It is possible to open videos, pictures and songs;
  • Allows you to find new content on the web;
  • Simple English-language interface;
  • It is possible to control the utility with voice requests.

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