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Category: Players
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 119


Soundbrenner is an Android application that is a metronome with additional functionality. You can mark the desired periods while using different sounds.


The user-friendly interface allows you to create the desired rhythm, using as a signal the desired sound from the set or light indication. The program is aimed at musicians, allowing you to set the tempo in music. You can create the desired patterns, saving them to a catalog. The application can be used for rehearsals or live performances. It can also be used at the recording stage in the studio, creating the right basis for the track. Additional virtual instruments are provided, which you can use in your projects. All available content is categorized for easy navigation. It is possible to add sounds to Favorites for convenient work. You can listen to the received set using the built-in player. The function of canceling the last actions is provided. The workspace visually displays the current scheme, you can use drag-and-drop mode to add elements and customization.


The built-in catalog contains over 20 different sounds. You can change the main period, add half-periods, add beat emphasis, and use other parameters. Integration with Soundbrenner smart bracelets is also supported. Once paired, you can transmit the signal to an external device, turning them into a metronome. The connection process is standard - after scanning, a list of detected devices is displayed, you need to select and confirm synchronization. A detailed instruction on working with the program is provided. The main features, settings and interface elements are briefly described. There is a selection of examples with screenshots. The material is enough to get used to the interface and start working.


  • possibility to use your smartphone as a metronome;
  • large selection of sounds;
  • you can customize complex patterns;
  • built-in song library;
  • free download.

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