Category: Recording
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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CatCut is an Android app that is a video editor with a great set of features. You can add effects, improve quality, trim, add text blocks, stickers and more.

Recording clips

You can use the recording from the built-in camera as the source content, for this you need to grant the program the appropriate rights. The interface provides all the basic settings - you can select the camera, set the flash mode and so on. It is possible to immediately add a frame or one of the effects. There is a built-in catalog of background music that can be overlaid at the recording stage. The resulting video is loaded on the workspace, the user can continue editing. A convenient timeline is used to work with the audio track. In the process of work, you can start playback to view the current result. Then you can proceed to saving by specifying the basic parameters of the video.


You can also upload a video from the device's gallery or use a set of photos to create a clip. In the latter case, the photos need to be arranged in the desired order on the workspace. An extensive collection of templates is built in, which facilitates the initial customization of the project. There are categories - funny, sad, for tiktok, romance and so on. Provided instructions for working with the program. The main stages of work are described step by step. There is a selection of ready examples, interface description and useful tips. The material is enough to master the application and create unique content.


  • a large number of tools for video processing;
  • built-in templates and a selection of background music;
  • access to the standard camera;
  • a set of filters;
  • support for HD quality clips;
  • free download.
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