Category: Other (System)
System: Android 2.1
Program Status: Free
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MiXplorer is a mobile utility for cell phones that are running Android. Its main task is that it can manage folders and media files that are stored in the smartphone's internal storage. Also here you can connect to FTP or local server. In this file manager, you can still rename, move, eliminate and copy media content. Moreover, it is capable of synchronizing with various cloud storage services.

How to search for files?

When the application is launched, you need to give permission to access the internal memory of the gadget. After that, a list of folders and files will appear on the display. In general, users can bookmark and search for documentation, as well as sort and use filters. Thanks to them, music, illustrations and video clips can be easily found. The mobile client allows you to customize the appearance of the main window by selecting a grid view. It also allows you to encrypt files: to realize this task, you need to think up a password that will be used for decoding.

How to manage files?

Through this software, new folders can be made. In addition, users can perform various manipulations with media files, namely renaming, copying, moving and deleting them. It integrates special tools that allow you to view video clips and pictures, as well as listen to music. The utility has a built-in archiver that supports a huge number of formats, including the most popular ones. As their examples can be zip, rar, iso and so on. Here you can configure the synchronization of content with cloud storage and create tasks that will be implemented with a specific frequency.


  • The ability to download and operate the utility for free;
  • excellent file manager with a huge number of functions;
  • the ability to perform various manipulations with files.
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