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System: Android 5.1
Program Status: Free
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RUSSPASS is an Android travel application that includes all the data about interesting places located in the Russian Federation. With the help of this software you can plan a route, book hotel reservations, as well as perform many other useful manipulations that will be useful to the tourist. The menu is made in such a way that users were convenient to navigate in the program, so there should not be any difficulties in this regard.


The software collects a huge number of places that can be visited in Russia. Due to this, it is much easier to plan a trip and go on a long-awaited vacation. It includes information on locations, restaurants, events, and more throughout the country. You can also see a selection of tours and itineraries that have been compiled by other users. The app allows you to find the most suitable travel plan by public transportation, bicycle or on foot. It consists of an interactive map where you can see fascinating locations and get additional information about them. For example, you can see illustrations, a description and an address. If desired, the mobile client will determine the current location and navigate to the desired area.

Exploring new places

The program helps users to book hotels for long trips. You can also find tickets for trains and flights, which is very convenient. It contains tours to various Russian destinations. You can also book tickets to museums, theaters, cafes, hotels and restaurants. The software provides data on popular cities and the cost of renting rooms, depending on various parameters. There are also virtual magazines with useful information, which give you the opportunity to read articles and recommendations on relevant topics.


  • An excellent application for travelers, in which you can learn interesting locations of the Russian Federation;
  • availability of tours;
  • the ability to book hotel rooms;
  • the ability to create a selection of places on an interactive map.
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