Uzum Market

Uzum Market
Category: Online shopping and shopping
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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Uzum Market is an application for Uzbekistan, through which you can shop for various goods in the country. Inside there is a large catalog, with the help of which you can find the necessary goods. Then it can be ordered and paid for, and then receive it by address delivery.

Online store

Note that this application is not a store in itself. It is a whole platform on which various sellers can be placed, which allows you to form a huge number of available products. So, all of them are grouped into separate categories. Among what is available, you can find electronics, household goods, books, decorative items, and much more. The search is carried out with the help of a catalog, which can be unloaded through the use of filters. By entering your data, it is possible to achieve a minimization of goods, which will simplify the selection procedure. Each product has its own separate page, through which you can find out the technical specifications and cost, read reviews and product descriptions. Among other things, there will always be a list of similar products, which will allow you to see analogs.

Purchase and delivery

The purchase is carried out in the same way as in any similar service like OZON. You just need to add the goods to your cart and order their delivery. At the same time, you can pay not only by payment right now, but also by installments. This function is available for all products that are sold within the Uzum Market service. Delivery is made to the address. All details can be found directly in the application. The cost will always differ depending on the region and the size of the goods. Delivery is available throughout Uzbekistan.

Main features

  • The application allows you to order goods in Uzbekistan;
  • There are products from many different categories;
  • You can pay by card, or order installments;
  • Delivery is available throughout the country;
  • Each product has its own unique page with a description and reviews.

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