Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Guilded is an exciting program that can be installed on Android mobile devices. It is designed to allow users to talk in game chats via video and audio communication. For example, you can chat in communities genshin impact, call of duty and other popular games. In this way, you can contact friends, join clans, create teams and perform other social activities.

How to communicate?

The presented program gives you the opportunity to contact other users in chats via audio and video communication. It has built-in special voice rooms, which are created for a variety of players. Also here you can watch game broadcasts and insert comments under them. If you want, you can sort topics based on interests and enable screen broadcasts in maximum resolution. With this utility, you can stream gameplay on the gadget for other players. Display demonstration on any server channel is supported.

Game projects

The presented mobile client gives access to a large assortment of servers. It supports a large number of games, including famous strategies, arcades, RPGs, fighting games and more. As their examples can be in fortnite, cs:go, overwatch, minecraft, dota and so on. The web product has a built-in calendar where you can view scheduled broadcasts and online tournaments. You can also join leagues and take part in major battles against other users.


  • The software can be downloaded and used for free;
  • a great tool for communicating with other gamers in online chat rooms;
  • support for video and audio communication;
  • availability of a huge number of interest rooms;
  • a large number of servers;
  • bot builder;
  • android compatibility.

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