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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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AirBattery is a special program that allows you to monitor the battery charge in your wireless headphones. The utility is compatible with devices from Beats and Apple brands. The software interface is translated into many languages, including Russian.

Battery Charge

The user gets the opportunity to use this program if he has suitable headphones. The compatible devices present include:
  • Beats Solo3;
  • BeatsX;
  • Beats Studio3;
  • AirPods;
  • Powerbeats3.
The program cannot work with other headset models. If the user has suitable headphones, he will only need to enable geolocation and Bluetooth. This is necessary to synchronize the utility with the headset being used. The mobile utility is responsible for showing the remaining battery charge in the headphones. In doing so, the app will report the percentage of charge when its value is a multiple of ten. This is due to the fact that the previously specified headset models are not able to transmit more accurate information about the state of the built-in battery.

Settings and premium

A person is allowed to change the language used through the parameters tab. Among the localizations supported by the utility are: English, German, Russian, Spanish and many others. Also through the settings, the user is able to enable alerts and adjust their frequency. A user can purchase a premium version of the mobile program. In this case, all ads will disappear from the utility and a number of additional options will be opened. For example, the previously mentioned alerts are available only to users with a purchased premium.


  • Ability to monitor the remaining battery power in wireless headphones;
  • Multi-language interface;
  • The program is only compatible with devices from Beats and Apple;
  • Support for all modern versions of the Android mobile system;
  • You can buy premium to get new options and disable ads.

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