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System: Android 5.0
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Petstory is a free program with an intuitive interface that works on Android devices. Thanks to the utility, users are able to make appointments at a veterinary clinic. It is also possible to get an online consultation. There are many informational sections with information on choosing the right food, pet care and more.

Creating a profile

First of all, the mobile program will ask a person to register. During this procedure, the user will need to specify a phone number and then confirm it through a unique code from an SMS message. It should be noted that the functionality of the free utility can only be used by users living in the Russian Federation.

Service features

Through the program you can make an appointment with a veterinarian. In addition, the mobile utility has the opportunity to purchase an online consultation. Its cost is 99 rubles. But this price is set only for the first communication with a specialist. In the future, the user will have to pay 399 rubles for each consultation. The software is equipped with many useful tools. Among them are present:
  • Selection of the optimal feed;
  • Preparation for a trip to the veterinary clinic;
  • Rules of proper care for cats and dogs;
  • Registration of insurance;
  • Material assistance to animals;
  • Buying feed and so on.
At the moment, the creators of the program are working on a number of new features. For example, in the future users will have an option to compare different brands of feed and videos dedicated to training.


  • Free program for dog and cat owners;
  • Ability to get paid online consultation;
  • The application has paid features;
  • Correct work on many versions of the mobile system;
  • There is an option to make an appointment to the veterinary clinic;
  • There is a function responsible for selecting the appropriate feed;
  • There is a section where you can participate in charity;
  • The service is available to residents of Tula, Ryazan and a number of other settlements.
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