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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Take&Go - this utility is designed for remote payment in retail outlets. It helps users to pay automatically so that they don't have to wait in queues at the cash desk. It is enough to link a bank card to the application to make monetary calculations. The program works on current versions of Android.

Payment for purchases and registration

People can remotely pay for purchases if they scan a QR code to their smartphone at the turnstile entrance. After that, one can afford to choose the necessary goods in any quantity. At the exit through the turnstile, the entire purchase amount will be deducted from the bank card through the utility in an automatic mode. The obligatory condition of such procedure is the binding of the card to the utility. After payment, a receipt is sent to the mail in electronic format. With the help of this program, you can keep track of spending and various payments. The authorization process is possible only when specifying a phone number. Its confirmation will be a reply to a sms with a digital code. In a special category there will be a list of goods that the user has purchased. If desired, you can view the price of the goods, the total amount and the amount of tax taken into account, as well as the order number. In the application it is possible to solve questions by means of feedback. It should be known in advance that payment in this way is not possible in all retail outlets. Their number is still very limited.

Differences from other similar content

The utility has in its arsenal the following special features:
  • Payment for purchases takes place at a remote distance, a person does not need to spend time standing in line to the cashier;
  • Sending checks automatically to the mail address on the Internet;
  • It is necessary to link a bank card to pay money for purchased products;
  • Installation and use of the program is free for all users;
  • The program works on all modern versions of Android.
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