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Central bank of Uzbekistan

Central bank of Uzbekistan
Category: Finance
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Central bank of Uzbekistan is an application for users, which was developed by the Central Bank for residents living in Uzbekistan. It is official and therefore it can be used to perform various operations on bank accounts. It can be used by both ordinary citizens and organizations. Users can monitor currency quotes, write complaints online and search for the nearest financial companies. The program works on devices with Android version to get interactive services and access to the right information.

Finance, navigation and feedback

When using the utility, the user can always be aware of the current quotations of world currencies, including their upward or downward changes. He can also get information about the refinancing rate in the country and learn about the current situation with inflation. A person has constant access to the current news that are happening in the banking structure. There is a special category where you can get answers to any questions of interest. Unfortunately for citizens, they can not transfer or make payments in this application. If desired, you can study the location map of all banks in Uzbekistan, as well as their branches with the exact address. With the help of the utility you can determine the closest office or ATM, as well as exchange office and self-service center with great functionality. In addition, you can find out their mode of operation and distance to the place of visit, if you allow geolocation on your mobile device. A person receives all the necessary information about the selected object: address, working mode, phone number and photos of the organization. Citizens and legal entities can submit various applications to banking organizations if they use the above program. It is possible to solve the problem with them with a detailed description of the situation. The status of the document can always be checked online. At hand, the user always has a large database of normative acts in the application, which can be used when filing complaints and other types of appeals.

Differences that are specific to this application

These include the following features:
  • Access is carried out at a remote distance;
  • You can use the program not only in Uzbek, but also in Russian and English;
  • You can use the search by special filters;
  • Use of the map;
  • Customization by individual parameters of notifications;
  • Download and use is free of charge;
  • Work is carried out on devices with Android version.

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