Category: Other (Travel)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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GeoZilla - created application has a great functionality in terms of tracking all family members and other relatives and acquaintances. At any moment of time, the user can find out the location of any close person. This is a kind of locator for the family, which will help to always find the right relative. The program includes notifications about all movements. If, of course, to configure on the selected relative individually.

Creating a single account and customizing notifications

Authorization takes place in a single profile on all mobile devices where the application is installed. As an example, you can create a single profile for all family members who have the corresponding program installed on their mobile devices. After that, the map will show all the phones that will be linked to the created profile. Here we can cancel one important nuance - the work of the application does not require a large consumption of the battery. The utility begins to work only when the movement of one of the family members is recorded using GPS to update the data. If everyone is in place, the sensor stops working. Notifications come to all devices of a single account. They can be customized to your liking. For example, the indicator will go off if the client is in a certain location or point in the region. You can put it at a set distance or radius. In addition, customize the notification for the child going to school and leaving from not. Or a signal is received when an elderly relative has strayed from home to a distance that can be considered unsafe.

Features that distinguish it from similar content

The following features can be attributed to them:
  • It is completely free to install and use the utility;
  • All relatives who move in different directions can be monitored;
  • The interface is clear and accessible to all people;
  • Tethered devices appear on the same map;
  • Special notifications can be set for movements if desired;
  • It is possible to recreate the trajectory of movement over a certain period of time;
  • You can work with the application on all current Android systems.

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