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System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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EAPTEKA is an application that is created for those who wish to arrange home delivery of medicines from well-known pharmacies online. So far, delivery works for residents of large cities - the capital and the region, St. Petersburg, Vladimir and neighboring regions. The utility is developed by the service of the same name for the convenience of placing orders from consumers. The work can be carried out on Android systems.

Program operation and goods

Comparison of drug costs can be performed without creating an account, but registration is required to use the full service of the utility. The user needs to specify his/her phone number and e-mail with subsequent confirmation, as well as select the region of location. If there was previously a profile in the presented service, you can use the old login. You can search for the required drug by text or voice. You can also search for the desired drug by photo or barcode. Then place the selected product in the "Shopping cart" section and arrange its delivery to the addressee or to the point of receipt. You can pay both cash and non-cash funds. The utility provides special conditions for consumers represented by legal entities. The user can always get information about the cost of delivery with its conditions. In the catalog of the application you can find not only medicines, but also hygiene products and household chemicals. The assortment includes goods for children and cosmetic procedures, as well as other products. It is possible to benefit from the purchase if you compare the price list of several pharmacy establishments. Goods can be ordered from several outlets that are located in different neighborhoods.

Distinctive characteristics

The following points can be attributed to them:
  • Users can make home deliveries of needed medications at pharmacies located in Russian cities;
  • The service is available for citizens who live in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other nearby cities;
  • Every day you can find discounts on selected products;
  • Use and download for all users is free;
  • Works on all modern Android systems.

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