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iBolit Patient

iBolit Patient
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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iBolit Patient is a utility designed to receive consultations from doctors and other specialists online. Users can make an appointment with their general practitioner and other doctors, communicate with them in special chat rooms, receive opinions from them and answers to additional questions. The program is designed for doctors of polyclinics and their patients. It functions on devices with Android version. There is an opportunity to communicate by video call.

Registration, audience and service

Registration requires a record from the medical clinic that the user is a patient. The institution itself must be part of the structure that uses the platform, where the mobile client is a utility of the same name. To access the application, you need to enter a phone number or specify an email. The client base is stored in cloud storage, which has secure access. The program is designed for the elderly, young mothers, patients with chronic diseases and those who live far from a medical institution. With the help of the utility, it is possible to get a consultation from any doctor at a remote distance by making a video call. In addition, there is an opportunity to make an appointment, conduct an examination and receive recommendations in absentia mode and decipher various tests and studies of the body. Communication with doctors and patients takes place in real time, not in a record. The time of consultation depends on the attending physician. The cost of services is determined by the policy of the polyclinic. Their payment is made through this application.

Distinctive characteristics

The following features can be included in this list:
  • Installation and use of the application is free of charge for all users;
  • It is based on receiving medical consultations remotely without visiting an outpatient clinic;
  • Communication can be conducted in text format or video chat;
  • To use the program, you need to register in a medical institution, which is included in the structure of the portal and application of the same name;
  • The program works on all current versions of Android.

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