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Qoldau 24 7

Qoldau 24 7
Category: Services
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Qoldau 24 7 is a program that functions on smartphones and tablets running current versions of the Android system. With the help of the utility users can submit appeals and complaints related to health insurance. The application is available to users living in Kazakhstan.

The essence of the program

The software is developed with the support of the Kazakh fund, which is responsible for compulsory health insurance. The functionality implemented in the free application allows users to submit appeals and complaints. It should be noted that only authorized users can use the utility. If a user does not have a personal profile on the online platform, he can create it directly through this utility. When registering, a person should enter a number of information, including e-mail and full name. The email address specified during the creation of the profile must be confirmed. To do this, you need to open the letter that came from the service and follow the Internet link.

Appeals and complaints

Once a resident of Kazakhstan logs into his account, he will be able to send various appeals, as well as complaints. Thanks to this it is possible to solve various problems that have arisen in the provision of medical services. It also allows you to find out the answer to the user's question. At the same time, the utility supports attaching graphic content to appeals. The appeals and complaints sent by a person are sent to a special register. Then they are checked by the employees of the fund. After processing a user's complaint or appeal, the organization forms a response. It is worth noting that sometimes the fund can refuse to consider the sent request.


  • Free utility for residents of the state of Kazakhstan;
  • Ability to transmit complaints related to health insurance;
  • Multilingual interface text;
  • Full-featured work on all current versions of OC.

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