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IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN
Category: VPN
System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
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IPVanish VPN is an Android application for connecting to virtual private networks. The use of intermediate nodes allows you to bypass territorial blocking and increase anonymity in the network. Additional encryption is also used, which reduces the risk of external attack. All basic data is hidden, including text, cookies, passwords, and so on. Encryption uses a 256 bit key, which eliminates data extraction. A high level of anonymity is ensured, the provider has no way of knowing where requests are sent after passing the gateway. All data is sent to the end host from the selected node, which ensures IP address change and anonymity. At the same time, all the basic functionality of the site becomes available - you can upload files, register and so on. It should be taken into account that this scheme has its disadvantages. Since all information is transmitted through the server of a third-party company, it can get access to it. Therefore, it is recommended to use only proven platforms and study user reviews. The standard interface for programs of this type is used. When working in automatic mode, it is enough to click on the button to activate the VPN. The algorithm will automatically analyze the list of available servers and choose the best option. The current load on the node, maximum speed and access time are taken into account. This will allow you to optimally distribute users to the available servers, ensuring the maximum available speed. All conditions of paid subscription m


  • ability to work via VPN;
  • strong encryption is used;
  • you can choose your country;
  • subscription is required to work.
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