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System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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EasyFit is an application designed to calculate calories consumed and burned. The utility provides information about the calorie content of food products, keeps personal statistics of the food consumed and physical activity of the user, and monitors changes in weight indicators.

Personalization of counting

To make the application work correctly, you need to enter personal data. You need information about the user's age, gender, height, and level of physical activity. If there are personal characteristics, they must also be specified. Such conditions include pregnancy, lactation, use of a wheelchair, etc. In order to obtain an individualized plan for weight normalization, it is necessary to add data about the existing and desired body weight. This makes it possible to create an individualized safe weight loss program.

Calorie counting

The utility contains a list of products with indication of their energy content. You can search for a specific item by name and add it to your daily diet. You can select weight and volume. The size can be specified approximately - a small slice, half a cup, etc. EasyFit application stores information about physical activity. It has a list of different types of activity (swimming, walking, running, dancing, soccer, etc.). In order to calculate the calories consumed, you need to select a suitable type of activity and specify the time spent on training.

Personalized statistics

The utility saves information and analyzes it. It generates graphs that show the statistics of fat, protein and carbohydrate consumption per day and during the week. Thanks to this option, it is easy to monitor the balance of nutrients consumed. The app allows you to monitor changes in weight and waist size. It provides data on calories consumed for different periods of time - year, month, week. There is a control of daily water consumption.


  • Calorie counting;
  • Statistics information;
  • Energy consumption for physical activity;
  • Sending notifications;
  • 2 measurement systems - British and metric.

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