We Note

We Note
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
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We Note is an Android application for planning various tasks. You can create a schedule of events, a shopping list, and so on. There is a reminder mode with flexible customization.

Task list

To create a new item, you need to go to the main menu and press the corresponding button. Then all mandatory fields are filled in, including the date and description of the event. A separate option allows you to customize the repeat mode. Grouping of events is supported. For example, you can differentiate between work and home records. You can customize the notification mode.


A convenient calendar is provided for scheduling your work schedule. You can switch to the desired month, gesture control is supported. Synchronization with Google Drive cloud directory is implemented. This allows you to get full access from another device, just log in to the desired account and confirm synchronization. Tools for customizing the design are provided. You can use unique fonts, add themed stickers and colored flags for grouping. This allows you to highlight important items or create a unique style for a group if necessary. It is possible to share your schedule with friends. For this purpose, a special link is used, which can be sent in any available way, for example, via messenger.


A separate section in the settings is dedicated to data protection. You can close access to the program using a classic password, a PIN code or a graphic key.


  • You can create important to-do lists and work schedules;
  • notifications are available;
  • password protection function;
  • integration with cloud storage;
  • design settings, grouping by categories;
  • free download.
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