Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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InfoPrice is a free program from the web resource of the same name. Thanks to this application, residents of Belarus can find the most favorable offers by comparing the price of various products in different retail chains. The program is compatible with most versions of Android starting from 5.0.

Cost comparison

The software was created so that users can save money on the purchase of a variety of products. The catalog built into the mobile application contains information about the prices of food products, alcoholic beverages, household appliances, automotive products, electronics, furniture, and so on. Information about the cost of products is taken directly from stores operating in Belarus. The developers constantly update the data on the cost of goods, as well as add information about new products. Thanks to this, the user always has access to up-to-date information about prices from different stores. It should be noted that the utility does not give the opportunity to purchase any products. The software is designed only to compare the cost of similar products from different stores.

Search and shopping cart

To compare the price of a particular product, a user needs to enter its name in the search bar. The mobile utility will then display prices from different retail outlets. At this stage, a person can click on the product, which will open a page with its detailed characteristics. Here the user can also check the dynamics of price changes. The program has an additional option that allows you to create a shopping list. To do this, the user needs to add the desired items to the virtual shopping cart.


  • The program works correctly on current versions of OC;
  • Service for checking and comparing prices of different products;
  • The functionality of the program will be useful for residents of Belarus;
  • Huge collection of more than thirty thousand products;
  • Free installation of the utility and its use;
  • Products cannot be purchased through the application.

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