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Category: VPN
System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 180


Ryn VPN is a utility designed to set up a private network in the simplest way possible. It is possible to quickly connect to servers of different countries and get access to any blocked content, view prohibited materials.

Connection utility

The application allows you to use completely free proxy servers, thanks to which you can overcome restrictions on the Internet. The application supports high-speed streaming on well-known video services. You can use video and voice communication programs that do not function in the Arab states. Ryn VPN supports high-speed connection. Thanks to the utility it is possible to connect to servers in the USA, Italy, Poland, Australia, France, Singapore and some other countries for free. There is an option of automatic high-speed connection. Ryn VPN functions on the basis of OpenVPN, supporting VOIP, allowing any video and audio calls.

Privacy and security

Ryn VPN utility has the ability to encrypt traffic and connect to censored content in a completely secure manner. The application sets up a secure access point and bypasses firewalls. You can use public WiFi networks. The utility performs automatic hiding of the personal IP address in case of browsing web pages on the network, while the information and geolocation of any user remains hidden. There is protection against hacker attacks. Ryn VPN utility provides users with secure web surfing in public network access points.


  • The application is configured in one simple click;
  • Presence of Internet traffic encryption feature;
  • Significant selection of available servers;
  • IP address masking;
  • Downloading and using the utility is free of charge;
  • Compatible with all current Android versions.
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