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Category: Maps
System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 127


iSharing is an application designed for Android mobile devices that shows a map with the location of selected people. GPS information is constantly being updated in real time. A movement history is present, which can be viewed.


To start using iSharing, you need to go through the registration procedure. You need to enter your cell phone and then add family members. The added people will receive a link to perform the setup. The app is extremely useful in case of a missing phone. To quickly find a missing mobile device, the phone must have free internet access. The utility is convenient to use to establish the location of a child or an elderly relative who has memory problems.

Alerts and features

Users who have installed the application can share a link to the map, where the coordinates of their own location are indicated. The information can be displayed for an hour. This link can be opened in absolutely any browser. In the iSharing utility, you can receive notifications when other users come or go from places with the specified location coordinates.

Premium option

There are premium options available in iSharing. When you install the utility, these functions are available for a week for free. Afterwards, you can subscribe for a paid subscription. It includes the following additional options:
  • Absence of advertising;
  • Adding any number of users;
  • Saving the history of visits for 30 days;
  • Any number of locations to receive an alert;
  • 3D mode to view the desired location.


  • Free iSharing;
  • Automatic alerts;
  • Walkie-talkie for registered participants;
  • Requires internet access and activated GPS;
  • Requires authorization to automatically start, access phone contacts and device location information.

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