Category: Education and e-books
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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DuoCards is a mobile program for learning Korean, English and a number of other foreign languages. During the learning process, users have access to a special method of memorizing information. The software can be used by people with different levels of knowledge.

Beginning of training

First, the program will ask the person what language is his/her native language and what language he/she wants to learn. Among the available languages are French, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Irish, Polish and many others. The total number of languages represented in the mobile app is fifty.

Memorizing words

The software applies a special method of interval repetition for learning. The essence of this method of memorizing information is that the user repeats the studied words on a regular basis. As a result, a person repeatedly repeats the learning material. If the user decides that he or she has learned a word well enough, it is enough for him or her to flick it to the right side of the display. In addition to textual materials, the mobile utility gives a person access to video clips. With their help, the user is able to learn the correct pronunciation of foreign phrases.

Personalized schedule

The user is given the opportunity to set up an individual schedule for learning foreign words. Once this schedule is set, the software will send alerts when it is time to start learning words.


  • Educational application, compatible with the latest versions of the Android system;
  • Ability to learn words from many languages, including Chinese, English and Japanese;
  • Free installation of the program and its subsequent use;
  • The function of scheduling of educational classes is present;
  • There is a section with educational videos.

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