Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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CallRec is an application for recording calls on Android devices. You can select the file format, add comments, change the quality and customize the recording source. Built-in algorithm provides the most available sound quality.

Call recordings

Outgoing and incoming calls can be recorded. After installation, it is important to grant permissions to access the microphone and work in the background. After that, the application will be able to constantly monitor calls and save recordings. To do this, you will not need to explicitly launch the main module of the application. The data is divided into two categories - incoming and outgoing calls. For convenience, the time of recording is indicated, which makes navigation easier. Important data can be added to the Favorites panel for quick access. In the settings, you can select the sound source - microphone, your own or someone else's voice, as well as both channels. A separate option allows you to customize the recording activation mode - incoming, outgoing, unknown numbers or only those in your contacts. You can change the path of saving files. The program can not save short conversations, it is enough to set the desired parameter. This will allow you not to record various advertising calls. You can customize the start of recording by shaking the smartphone. Some options can be changed during the call, for example, the category and quality of the recording. When working with the catalog, you can sort the recordings by date, number, file size, recording length and other parameters. Built-in search allows you to select all dialogs from one subscriber. A separate panel contains tools for file management. You can quickly make a selection and delete it to free up space. This eliminates the need to delete each record.


  • The application is a voice recorder with a large number of settings;
  • synchronization with Google Drive is supported;
  • search and sort recordings;
  • free download.

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