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Creator Studio

Creator Studio
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Creator Studio is an Android app for Facebook business account holders that allows you to create your own publishing schedule. Account management and view statistics are also available. This allows you to upload the right content in advance and stick to the right schedule to retain your audience.


To access the full functionality, you need to authorize using your social network credentials. This allows you to access a personal account with a set of tools and a statistics section.

Adding posts

The program allows you to create records, customizing the desired time of publication. All the necessary tools for design are available, you can add text, photos and videos. Specialists recommend sticking to a certain schedule, which is positively evaluated by users. This mode facilitates the development of the channel.


The utility allows you to generate convenient activity reports. You can find out general statistics, the number of external visits, time spent on the page, and so on. The number of unique accounts from which the page was visited is tracked. You can create your own reports with the required set of data. There is a function of saving to an external file. The program allows you to analyze the audience in detail. You can make slices by place of residence, age, gender and other parameters. This option allows you to adjust the scheme of attracting new users, gaining the desired audience. This is important, for example, to increase sales.


  • Designed for integration with business accounts Facebook ;
  • publication scheduling function;
  • detailed statistics on audience activity;
  • promotional tools;
  • free download.
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