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App Manager

App Manager
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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App Manager is a handy application manager for Android. You can control the list of installed programs, extract APK files, create widgets, customize shortcuts and much more.

App Manager

The program allows you to see a list of all installed applications on the system, including system applications. There is a built-in uninstaller that allows you to remove an application without leaving the interface. It provides complete removal, including empty folders and temporary files. All basic functions are supported: reinstall, uninstall, freeze, customize. It is possible to open a card in the official catalog for re-downloading. The history of all deletions is saved in a separate tab. For convenience, you can add a separate data cleaning widget to your desktop.


The report includes all types of applications that can run - launchers, virtual keyboards, live wallpapers, widgets, and so on. If the module has root privileges, they are automatically downgraded to the desired level, which allows you to remove all components. A separate tool allows you to manually add the desired shortcut to the desktop. It is possible to forcibly disable background processes, which allows you to optimize the load on the hardware. Many programs remain active even if they are not used at the moment. At the same time, they consume hardware resources, which inevitably reduces performance. It is worth considering that uninstalling system applications is possible only after obtaining administrator rights. This is done to ensure security. Without root rights, the program will not be able to perform all the stated functions. There is a help section with a description of all available tools and options. In case of errors or additional questions, you can contact the developers.


  • convenient application management;
  • access to APK files;
  • root permissions are required for correct operation;
  • shortcuts creation;
  • custom widget;
  • free download.

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