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System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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WOWBODY is an Android application that allows you to create individualized workout plans, it is also possible to follow a diet. The service is aimed at people who want to lose weight. There is an opportunity to form an optimal workout plan taking into account the current state of health.


After installing the program, you need to create a new account. The initial setup is carried out with the help of the virtual assistant Anita, who prompts the necessary action. In a similar mode, health assessment is carried out - the user needs to answer a number of questions. At one of the stages, the current and desired weight is indicated. The collected data are analyzed and used to form an individual training scheme. It is possible to familiarize yourself with the content and, if necessary, make changes. It is worth considering that the transition to the main classes is possible only after subscribing. In the main menu, a section with a full description of the conditions is available. The available functions, tariff plans are listed, there are instructions for payment.


All sports exercises are accompanied by a detailed description from experts, there are videos filmed on professional equipment. In the parameters you can activate reminders about the need to pass the next training session.


The next section is about proper nutrition. You can create the right meal plan, ensuring a balance of calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. A selection of recipes for healthy dishes is built in. When you select a desired item, you can automatically generate a corresponding shopping list. Built-in food diary, which will allow you to better monitor compliance with the selected plan.


  • The program allows you to create an individual nutrition and training plan;
  • the program takes into account your current state of health;
  • exercises are accompanied by instructions and videos;
  • a selection of recipes;
  • a section with useful materials;
  • You need to activate a subscription to access the workouts.
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