Category: Other (Security)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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CallApp is an Android app that allows you to identify numbers and block unwanted calls. There is an option to record calls using a voice recorder with a wide range of features.


It is possible to promptly receive information about an incoming call. If necessary, the subscriber can be immediately added to the black list. All numbers are saved on a separate tab, there is an editing function. If a subscriber is added by mistake, you can exclude him from this category.

Call recording

The built-in voice recorder allows you to record dialogs and save them to a local folder. High quality sound is provided, incoming and outgoing calls can be saved. The module can work in the background. It is enough to specify the necessary parameters, after which the information will be automatically saved to the specified directory. Date and time are added, which allows you to quickly search for the desired record.


The next section displays detailed statistics. You can find out the total number of calls, the time of incoming calls and so on. A separate option allows you to select the desired period. The user gets the opportunity to analyze the activity of using the phone at different times.

Incognito mode

The program allows you to activate incognito mode, which provides the desired level of privacy. The numbers will become anonymous and will not appear in the call history. This is useful in many cases. It should be noted that this mode is a paid option. To access it, you need to activate a subscription. In the help section you can find a description of tariffs, a list of functions and payment instructions. There is also a description of the main features of the program and a list of configuration recommendations.


  • you can identify numbers and add them to the blacklist;
  • incognito mode;
  • built-in voice recorder;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • some features are available only as part of a subscription.

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