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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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1Fit is a program dedicated to fitness gyms operating in St. Petersburg. After installing the utility, users can find suitable gyms for training, use a single subscription and much more. Before you start using the program, you need to register an account.


Creating a profile in the program occurs through entering a phone number and its subsequent confirmation. It should be noted that only subscribers of Russian telecom operators can use the application. A person will not be able to register an account using the number of another country. After confirming the number, a person will have to answer a few questions. Among other things, the user will need to specify his gender, the purpose of training, full name and so on. Among the available options of goals are: muscle mass gain, weight loss and much more. The mobile program allows you to specify your place of residence and work. The utility uses this information to recommend suitable fitness gyms for a person. However, entering such information is optional.

Program features

First of all, the software is responsible for selecting fitness halls. However, the utility's functionality is not limited to this. With the help of the mobile program, a person is able to make a general subscription, which will allow you to visit many gyms of the previously mentioned city. In this case, the user will no longer need to purchase subscriptions to specific fitness halls. One of the functions of the application allows you to make a list of favorite gyms. The fitness centers added to such a list will be displayed in a separate section.


  • There is a function for searching for suitable fitness centers;
  • Russian-language interface text;
  • It is possible to purchase a general subscription for going to different gyms;
  • Correct work on a large number of versions of the Android system;
  • The program features are available to residents of St. Petersburg;
  • Detailed information about fitness halls, including their opening hours, is available.
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