Category: Download managers
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Lifebox is an Android application from lifecell, a large Ukrainian telecom operator. The service is a cloud storage, which users can use to store various files. Upon registration, free space of 5 gigabytes is provided.

Application operation

The program allows you to set up automatic synchronization of data with an external directory. In this case, there is an opportunity to free up space on the mobile device. It also provides safety and the ability to access from another device. You can upload files of different types - documents, personal photos, messages from your smartphone and so on. If your smartphone breaks down, important data can be restored relatively easily on another device. After installing the program, you need to go through a simple registration procedure. It is enough to confirm the phone number. Access to GPS and multimedia files is also requested. This allows you to provide the necessary functionality and synchronize data in automatic mode.


The program provides an extensive set of functions. The main ones are:
  • synchronization of data according to a specified schedule;
  • photo import;
  • image recognition;
  • saving contacts.
It is recommended to use a stable connection to import data. It is also worth considering that the transfer of a significant volume may take some time. You can work with the external catalog in real time - in the mode of the usual explorer. The familiar file structure is displayed, all basic operations are available. There are quite a lot of settings. You can add new folders for automatic synchronization, configure the copy mode and much more. There is a built-in image editor, you can create slideshows using ready-made templates. Image library allows you to create the necessary categories for easy storage of content.


  • The application provides access to cloud storage;
  • 5 gigabytes are available for free;
  • you can increase the space for a fee;
  • a large number of settings;
  • built-in editor;
  • free download.

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