Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 90


Treep is an Android application that allows the user to engage in self-development and increase motivation. Tasks and additional activities are provided to improve various skills. A non-standard mode in the format of a survey with flipping is used. A convenient control mechanism based on standard gestures is implemented.


The program allows you to usefully spend time participating in the survey. Gestures are used for control. Swipe left means answer "No", swipe right means answer "Yes". Swiping up allows you to add the current idea to your personal plans. In advance, you can specify the current mood - extreme, funny, sad, and so on. A separate option allows you to specify for whom the activity is selected. It can be a single user, a couple or a company. Separate filters allow you to adapt offers to the current budget and free time. All ideas are accompanied by a brief description and an image. Also indicated is the time required for implementation and how many people have already joined. This format allows the user to immediately navigate how suitable the proposal is for him.


The program contains a selection of tasks that allow you to develop various skills. For example, you can learn the basics of first aid, public speaking, writing a book, chess and much more. Each activity is divided over a certain number of days broken down into a series of assignments. Each activity can require anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. A reference section and a selection of useful materials are provided. There is a description of menus and basic interface elements. General recommendations on working with the platform and improving efficiency are given. You can also find additional articles on the topic.


  • extensive collection of ideas for self-development;
  • convenient management in the process of taking the survey;
  • Response statistics are saved in your profile;
  • step-by-step plans can be created;
  • set of filters;
  • training mode;
  • free download.

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