Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Payslip is an Android application aimed at residents of Kazakhstan. You can save all timesheets and quickly decipher withholding and accrual codes in a payslip. There is a section with a detailed description of all possible payments.


After launching the program, the user will be prompted to download the necessary timesheets. To do this, the parameters of the file or a direct link to the resource are specified HomeBank to continue, you need to press "Decrypt" and wait for the completion message. The application allows you to quickly decipher all deductions and accruals available within the current document. Positions can be quite a lot - night work, overtime, bonuses, bonuses and so on. The situation with deductions is similar. This can be a pension contribution, income tax, health insurance. All information in the calculation sheet is usually presented in the form of an extensive table, which is not always clear to simple employees. Next to each item, the corresponding amount is displayed. The total amount of payment is at the bottom.


A function for storing calculation sheets is provided. You can customize the file name template and sort by date. While viewing, you can adjust the scale and other parameters. A separate option allows you to delete a file immediately. The Help section contains instructions on how to work with the program. It describes the main steps step by step, lists the available settings, capabilities and features of the application. All requested privileges and access rights are available. There is a form for contacting the developers.


  • the program is focused on citizens of Kazakhstan;
  • it is possible to quickly decipher all deductions or accruals;
  • simple interface;
  • convenient storage of working timesheets;
  • free download.

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